Christmas Party Print – What’s hot (or ice cold)! and what’s not

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Christmas party season has begun! As hundreds of thousands of employees count down the days to their office party, marketing & HR departments across the country are working hard to make sure everyone ends the year on a high. There is food to order, DJs to organise and buses to book.

But what gets left to the last minute? The print. 

It’s fine, we’re cool with it. Honestly. As an industry we know that we are always last in line when it comes to organising and it’s our own fault for always trying to be accommodating! But we do march on. So the question is, regardless of how last minute the order, what are the best Christmas party printed products?

Christmas Custom Printed Selfie Frames - The Big Display Company

Elfie Frames

Yes that’s our little pun! A bit of a classic now, since the proliferation of social media, it would be strange to go to a Christmas party without an Elfie Frame. They’re an excellent Christmas party printed product because they encourage staff to get involved with taking and sharing photos. (It doesn’t hurt that they’re full colour branded with the event organisers’ logos and details all over them!).

Christmas Bespoke Usherette Trays Side - The Big Display Company

Usherette Trays

Everyone knows what they are but who knows where to buy them full colour branded in low quantities? Exactly. They’re a great product because you can personalise each tray to really maximise the branding opportunities at your customers’ events. Whether they’re carrying drinks, food or promotional giveaways, an usherette tray is an added level of branding at any festive event.

IllumiGo Freestanding Lightbox

Now this one is a bit ‘out there’. Lightboxes are a great exhibition and in-store product, but they do usually require a bit of knowledge to assemble and a fair bit of space to store. This is where the IllumiGo differs – it flat packs down into a box. Once you’ve assembled the frame (in less than 10 minutes for one person!) you slot a graphic into both sides and turn it on, then the graphic really comes to life. The beauty is it’s not just for Christmas! When you’ve finished it gets packed away into the box, and then your customer can order new graphics to use it in store or at other events. So in summary: much better than a pull up banner for directional signage.

Christmas Custom Printed Bunting - The Big Display Company

Christmas Bunting

When you think of bunting it will usually conjure up images of a village fete or a school disco, but it doesn’t have to be like that. All of our bunting is digitally printed and CNC cut, so it can be as different and daring as your customer needs! Each length can be a mixture of different designs, colours and shapes so there’s a limitless range of possibilities to fit in with your customers’ branding.

Christmas Custom Banner Printing - The Big Display Company

Fabric Banners and Backdrops 

The last few years there has been a massive shift over to fabric, away from traditional PVC. And it’s no surprise – fabric is lighter, easier to handle and transport, and more environmentally friendly, what’s not to love! Our best seller for backdrops is without a doubt 220gsm display polyester. It is available up to 3m wide (by as long as you need!) but it can be stitch joined together to make much larger prints. Our record so far is 15 metres by 20 metres, but there’s no reason we couldn’t go bigger. How you hang it is up to you, but we can supply them hemmed, with eyelets or pole pockets to fix onto any frame or structure.

Now you’ve seen our top Christmas party products, the next step is to get designing. That’s your area of expertise so we won’t tell you how to do it! Although we have written a blog about our free Christmas vectors, but if you’re already convinced you want them then click here to sign up for them!

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