Elfie Frames – what they are and why your customers need them!

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With Christmas on the approach we spend a lot of time talking to our customers about what their customers need to make their festive events even better than last year. 

Although we can’t provide more booze, better food and a less cheesy DJ, we can lend a hand when it comes to helping our customers nail their customers’ branding. 

There is one product we know that successfully crosses the boundary between physical and digital media, and it is an easy one to brand: Elfie Frames!*

*this is only for Christmas, the rest of the year they are known as Selfie Frame

The reason they’re such a popular party product is that they actively encourage attendees to get involved, create and share branded content.

They don’t come with instructions, you just hold up and say cheese. After a few drinks most people are happy to get inside an elfie frame and smile for a few photos! Shortly after the photographer posts the photo on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever their preferred social media site is, hopefully with a reference to the event organiser. We know companies don’t organise Christmas parties to make themselves look good but… it doesn’t hurt if there is a bit branded PR by the end of the evening. 

We’ve seen some great designs over the years:

  • Some customers go for the nostalgic feel of a polaroid picture (warning: do not shake the selfie frame)
  • The odd prison motify where it looks like a ‘mug shot’
  • We’ve even seen a few double sided options to reward the winners / embarrass the losers of an escape room.
  • We’ve even made our own elfie frame design for this year – see our marketing kits to download it

The design is important, but it can be as simple as a single colour background with a full colour logo in the corner. If you build it they will come, and you will get your branded photos.

There are a few different ways to make selfie frames.

We make our elfie frames by either printing direct onto or mounting vinyl to 5mm foamex and CNC cutting them to shape. The beauty of this process, over screen printing, is that they can be completely personalised in full colour with no setup charges. So it doesn’t matter if it is for a one off event or a small office party, the elfie frame doesn’t discriminate. We can also work with sheets up to 3m x 1.5m so you can get a seriously big frame made!

Whichever way you do it, get into the spirit this Christmas with a branded elfie frame!

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