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We’ve dabbled in wallcoverings over the last couple of years, but there are a lot of companies out there printing wallpaper so we didn’t fully embrace it.

Until we bought our HP Latex 3600

A lot of our customers already print wallpaper through their latex 360s / 560s or solvent printers. Don’t get me wrong, latex and solvent printing are a great way to print wallpaper. But there is usually a limit on the maximum width of 1500mm (by the time you factor in reg / bleed etc), so you will need to split designs into multiple panels for installation.

Traditional decorators usually prefer working with panels because it’s what they’re comfortable with, so I can’t blame them. But installers who are used to working with large banners and stretch fabrics love working with bigger pieces. They’re quicker to install and you get a seamless finish that you don’t achieve with panels.

Where does our new latex printer come into this?

We had bought the HP latex 3600 to work with particular materials. Mainly PVC banner (single and double sided), mesh PVC and self adhesive vinyl, to name a few. But we couldn’t ignore that we now have the option to print in high resolution up to 3m wide. So we felt like there was a natural progression to offer one piece wallcoverings.

I’ve already written a blog about the quality and production speeds we can achieve with our new latex 3600. The combination of quality and speed, paired with it’s excellent tension unit, makes it the perfect machine for printing wallpaper.

We can print wallpaper up to 3m wide which lets you cover an entire office wall without overlapping / butting up panels. You then get the benefit of an easier installation and a striking final display.

There’s the added bonus that you don’t need to worry about printing – leave that to us – and you can focus more on your client.

We’ve added a PVC free one piece wallpaper product to our range for if your client has an environmental element to their brief.  PVC free products are made using polyester based yarns so they are recyclable which is a big environmental tick! There’s also the industry favourite: Rafa canvas which is made from 100% polyester so it also has the environmental edge.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

If you’re already a dab hand with installing printed wallpaper then you’ll know that preparation is key. You need to get the wall up to a workable standard. Then use the right combination of paste and primer to get good adhesion, or you will end up in a mess.

We have a really good guide on preparing walls to make sure your next installation goes smoothly. It’s in the artwork templates & spec sheets tab on the wallpaper product page. Or if you want to have a chat about installation – just let us know.

That’s all for now folks!

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