Frequently Asked Questions

What type of files do I need for my project?

The highest quality work comes from high-resolution, or “press quality” PDF files.  Your design team should easily have the ability to export their work in this format.  Your print file should also have all fonts embedded into the document, or uploaded alongside your design file.

How do I make sure my images are crisp?

Your computer screen can play tricks on your eyes.  An image file at a lower dpi can look great on your computer, but unless the image is at least 300 dpi, you stand to get blurry or poor results on the final print.

How should bleeds and crop marks be set up?

A design with proper bleed settings helps give your item that edge to edge, complete coverage.  For most projects, we recommend a bleed of .125”, but it might help to consult with our team on any unusual project.  Crop or trim marks help our team know where a cut should be made, and should also be included in the document.

Can you edit my existing art file?

We have the software and expertise to modify an existing art file and update it with the latest information.  In order to make edits, it is helpful to receive the entire project file and associated images or fonts included.

What are your lead times?

Our standard lead times are listed on each product (typically 3 – 5 working days), but as we print our products in-house we can be very flexible with our lead times, offering a same / next day service if required on most products.

If you have a specific lead time you are working to, even if it seems unrealistic just get in touch with the sales team to discuss – 01753 871019.

Which couriers do you use?

For our standard overnight deliveries we use a combination of UPS, DX and local pallet companies, depending on the size of the parcel and the delivery deadline. For larger volume, high value or rush jobs we also use dedicated vans provided by local couriers.

The method for delivery is decided at the point of dispatch (unless agreed at the point of sale), but if your customer has strict rules on how the goods are packed and delivered – for example with distribution / fulfillment houses – then speak to your sales person.

Can I use my own couriers?

Absolutely! When you order enter in your address but choose ‘Collection’ as a method and let us know in the order notes that you will use a courier for your collection.

What is the difference between simple and complicated cut shapes?

We define a simple cut shape as a square, rectangle, circle or triangle. Anything other than this is a complicated shape.

I’m collecting – what size vehicle do I need?

We have the packing dimensions for a lot of our products on the individual product pages, but for bespoke size products (banners, foamex etc) they will depend on the size you’ve ordered. For banners we always roll on the short edge, so if your banner is 10 metres by 1 metre, the finished length when rolled up will be 1 metre. Flat sheets (eg foamex) will always be the size you ordered plus a few centimetres extra for packing. We will only cut items into separate pieces if we’re asked before production, it’s not something we can do once the job has been completed and packed up. If you’re unsure about the packing dimensions for an item contact us and we can confirm back accurate dimensions to you.

In terms of vehicles, in our experience a long wheel base transit will easily take a roll up to 3m long, it should also fit a 3m x 1.5m at an angle and if you are very creative it can fit a 5m long roll.

We do always recommend you measure your vehicle before collecting to make sure it will definitely fit.