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It’s exciting times at The Big Display Company. Although printing is our passion we are constantly working on how we can increase the value of the services we can offer to our existing and new clients. Over the summer the marketing team have been working hard creating our brand new marketing kits and they are now ready to launch!

What are The Big Display Marketing Kits?

Good question! These marketing kits are designed to not only help you market our products but to give you the confidence to sell more. The constant battle between sourcing content, designing layouts and having all the product information at hand for new products is now over. We have collated everything you need to sell large format print into our easy to use marketing kits. 

How can these kits help me sell more print?

Another good question! We see the marketing kits as a two-prong attack with your customers. 

Each kit is split into:

  • The advertising kit
  • The information kit

I’ll go into each section in more detail below.

The Advertising Kit

The Advertising Kit contains social media content, an email shot and images of the products itself. The social media content consists of pre-designed posts and banners which you can use straight on all platforms of social media (saving your marketing team a lot of time and effort!). The email shot is a pre-designed JPEG which you can put straight into your mailer and shoot to all your customers advertising the specific product or product range .

For all of the content, there is also a PDF supplied which you can easily edit in Illustrator to brand or adjust before sending it out. Marketing these products couldn’t get any easier with the advertising kit and this is all with no extra cost, as it’s just one of the perks you get with The Big Display Company as your supplier.

The Information Kit

Once you’ve caught your customers’ eye with the content from the advertising kit it’s time to move onto the information kit.

The Information Kit consists of a product specification sheet, assembly instruction guidelines (where relevant), size comparison chart (where relevant) and all of the necessary artwork templates / guidelines. These are all designed to give you the relevant information you would need about the product you or your customer is looking for, all in plain label so you can send it directly to the client. 

The product specification sheet will give you all the key points about the product. The assembly instruction guideline will show step by step how to put together the specific product (one of the biggest questions we get asked by our clients!). The size comparison chart will give you a more realistic look at all sizes available in your chosen product side by side making it easier for your customer to make their choice, and lastly the artwork guidelines will help once you are ready to get all the artwork set up. 

In short: this is everything you need to convert a sale, and before you know it you’ll be a large format print expert!

To finish

We are regularly adding more marketing kits to our website, but if you have a specific kit you require just get in touch and our marketing team will put it together for you! Happy selling!

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