Top Valentines Day POS Products

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, high street shops are full of romantic POS. From posters and stickers, to foamex boards and banners – you just can’t avoid that special day.

So here’s a roundup on our top Valentine’s Day POS products…

Valentines Angle Custom Wheel of Fortune - The Big Display Company

Wheel of Fortune

A custom wheel of fortune is a fantastic product for customer engagement. We’ve seen them being used to encourage customers to ‘spin to win’ store credit, promotional giveaways or vouchers.

How do we make them? 

They are made with a foamex backing board with a backstrut, and a foamex circle which is fixed on the front to make the spinner. We have 3 standard sizes that we know work well – 263mm x 500mm for a desktop display, 500mm x 950mm for larger counters and 944mm x 1803mm for when you want a BIG impact. But if you want a custom size, just let us know and we’ll make it work! All of our wheels of fortune are full colour digitally printed with no MOQ so they can be personalised for individual stores / brands / special offers at no additional cost. So you can offer your customer local personalisation, with national distribution without paying the earth.

Valentines Side Bespoke Usherette Trays - The Big Display Company

Usherette Tray

For any Valentine’s Day events, usherette trays are an absolute must! With no MOQ and full colour digital print, they can be completely personalised to your customers’ brand. Each usherette tray is supplied flat for the end user to assemble on site – they just pull the sides up, slide it on and they’re ready to use. You just fill them up with drinks and food, then you’re on your way! 

IllumiGo light box

The last product on our list is the IllumiGo lightbox. This easy-to-assemble lightbox is the perfect way to brand any retail and event environment. It comes with a double side print that the end user can put together in less than 10 minutes. They can even have a different design on each side of the frame, so there is more than one way to show off Valentine’s Day special offers to passers-by.  The real beauty of this lightbox is that once the event is over, the end user can pack it away and store it for the next event. Then when they need new graphics they can keep using the same frame, reducing the lifetime cost of the display.

Then when it comes to branding and promoting all of these products, we have our free Valentine’s Day vectors and marketing kits. These include premade social media posts, and vectors to jazz up your customers’ designs.

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