Digitally Printed Wallpaper

Unit Price: 30.00
Wallpaper Material
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
Wallpaper Finish

Materials: Vertex Texture PVC-Free 300gsm | Tactile 300gsm | One piece 370gsm | Rafa Canvas 230gsm

Print Process: Latex

Finish options: Supplied on a roll with overlap | Trim with overlap | Trimmed to size

Size: Up to 3m wide

Certifications: Tactile / One Piece: EN 15102 – CE certified and fully fire rated for commercial interiors with no restrictions. Vertex: FR B1. Rafa Canvas: M1, B1, NFPA 701

We have 4 grades of digitally printed wallpaper we can provide:

  • Digimura 1.1 – Tactile fabric backed vinyl wall covering 300gsm – up to 1.2m wide
  • Digimura-1 – One piece wallcovering 370gsm – up to 3m wide for a seamless finish
  • Vertex Texture – PVC Free wallcovering 300gsm – up to 3m wide for a seamless finish
  • Rafa Canvas 230gsm – 100% polyester based canvas – up to 3m wide for a seamless finish

All are printed in full colour with a minimum of 1 square metre.

The digimura high quality wallcoverings achieve both the requirements for domestic and contract environments, all conforming with EN 15102:2007+A1:2011 with the relevant CE declaration of performance and a fire rating of EN 13501-1 B-s2,d0. These ratings are applicable when our wallpapers are used in conjunction with our recommended murabond paste and primers.

The vertex texture PVC-free product features a fire rating of B1, and has the added bonus of being recyclable as it is made from coated polyester.

Rafa canvas is an industry leading product which is 100% polyester so it can be recycled and has fire ratings M1, B1, NFPA 701.

Paste / Primers

You can use the paste / primer that your installer prefers, but to ensure the fire rating these products can offer we would recommend that you use our Murabond heavy paste, and if required Murabond PVA Primer and Murabond sealed surface. An experienced installer will be able to work out from the state of the wall what is required for optimal adhesion of your printed wallpaper.

Finishing Options

We can supply digitally printed wallpaper with 3 different finish options which depends on how your installer wants to do the job:

  • Supplied on a roll with 10mm overlap – for your installer to trim down on site
  • Trimmed to size with a 10mm overlap
  • Trim to size with no overlap – this is only if you want to butt the sheets of wallpaper up next to each other

You have the option to either give us the finished size and we’ll work out the panel splits, or if you have preferred panel sizes then we can work to that.

Preparation and Installation

Contact us for full preparation and installation instructions.


Moderate soiling can be removed with warm soapy water & a damp cloth using a dabbing action to lift off contamination. Rinse off with clean water & dry with a clean absorbent cloth again using a dabbing action, do not rub. Ensure that the surface is dry at skirting level. Always wash from the bottom upwards to avoid streaking. The use of bleach, caustic detergents or abrasive powders is not recommended.

Click here to download our wallpaper preparation guide

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