It has been a long time in the making but our new website has arrived! There are four key areas we wanted to put at the heart of the new website:

  • Easy access templates
  • More product information and a comprehensive FAQ
  • New products
  • Online ordering


Easy access templates

Artwork is an on-going issue in our industry which slows down jobs and increases pressure, so it was important that we made sure with our new website all of our most up to date templates were available to any user. In addition to this we’ve also released our plain label artwork guidelines document which explains exactly how to produce print ready artwork in a few easy steps.


More product information and a comprehensive FAQ

This will be a living and constantly-growing part of the website. Every product has as much information as possible on its own page; that includes fire ratings, maximum widths / lengths, best practice for usage and any other tips we can think of. We’re proud of the fact that we’re always learning new things about our product range, so as we find out anything else we’ll keep updating the product page.

There are no stupid questions, which is why we are also continually adding to our FAQ. It currently includes questions about lead times, print processes, deliveries and artwork which aren’t easily answered on a product page. It will also change over time; as soon as we’re asked a question without a quick answer it gets added onto the FAQ so future readers can reap the benefits.


New products

We are lucky enough to operate in an industry where we are either working with or creating new products on a weekly basis. Now is the time to start showcasing these products so our broader customer base can benefit from the research we put in with that initial enquiry. A few examples of products that have grown out of a random request include selfie frames, gazebos and bunting – and our aim is to keep adding as soon as we hit on another winner.


Online Ordering

We previously had an online ordering website but it wasn’t very easy to keep up to date and it couldn’t calculate prices quite in the way we’d like it to. So with this website we have used a very clever plugin that (very nearly!) replicates our offline pricing. There will always be a slight difference as you can’t use a plugin to replicate common sense and experience, but the gap has been significantly closed and we are all much happier with the results. Our online ordering is for trade customers only, so if you’d like to open your account visit the registration page for approval and give it a try. We would like to stress though that once the order lands, it’s still managed by your dedicated account manager so you don’t have to deal with a face-less website for the whole order process!


These are just a few of the benefits of our new website, and it’ll be the first of many articles singing its praises.