Backlit Silicone Edge Graphic Frame 65mm – Wall Mounted

Unit Price: 500.50
Frame Size
Backlit Graphic

Graphic Material: 170gsm Backlit Fabric

Frame Material: Aluminium – 65mm edge profile with 2mm wall depth in anodised silver

Max Extrusion Piece Length: 5m

Maximum Size Frame: 10m x 3m

Commodity Code: 94032080

Silicone edge graphics are a great way to display full colour prints in a retail environment. The size of the frame can be customised up to 10m wide by 3m high, and there is the option to have the finished size of the frame cut down into smaller pieces to make it easier the transport. Once the frame is assembled and drilled into the wall on site, the silicon edge graphics slot into the aluminium extrusion which creates tension in the graphic. The frame can then be disassembled to move to another location, or replacement graphics can be supplied for the end user to change at the end of the campaign or event.

The silicone edge graphic frames are made up of 5m long aluminium lengths which are cut down to size. If the finished length of the frame is too long (for either transportation, access or assembly reasons) then the extrusion can be cut into small pieces which are supplied with connectors to join them together. You can for example have a 5m long frame made from either one 5m length, or from 5 x 1m lengths. Alternatively you can join together 5m lengths to make a larger frame, so it is feasible to have a 10m long frame just with 2 x 5m long lengths. It is important to check the access to the premises before ordering, particularly if there are stairs or lifts involved which can restrict movement on the aluminium extrusion.

All silicone edge graphic frames are supplied with a full colour dye sublimation printed 170gsm backlit fabric.

Please note these frames are custom made so if they are cancelled after placing the order there will still be a charge for the frame only. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

Contact us for artwork templates & spec sheets.

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