Social Distancing Clear Pull Up Screen

Unit Price: 45.00
Screen Size
Anti Mist

Material: APET
Warranty : 1 year hardware only on mosquito & breeze / lifetime hardware only on barracuda
Lead Time : 3 – 5 working days standard, express service available
Commodity Code: 9403208090

The mosquito, also known as the grasshopper, is an industry leading pull up banner with a variety of widths, has 2 twist out feet and is now available to use as a clear pull up screen. With sizes from 800mm x 2000mm up to 1500mm x 2000mm, the clear pull up screen gives all of the flexibility of a pull up banner (easy to put up, small unit to store when not in use, easy to travel with) but the added peace of mind that your employees and customers require.

In addition to the mosquito we also offer the barracuda – this premium unit with no feet and a telescopic pole so the height can be easily adjusted by the user to suit their requirements. We also have the option of the breeze which is our desktop A4 or A3 clear pull up screen for use at receptions / on desks.

We recommend cleaning the material with warm water with a mild detergent, but ensure the material is dry before retracting back into the cartridge.

All of the clear screens are provided without print – but have a look at our full social distancing category for branded options.

CartridgeSizeWeightPacking Dimensions
BreezeA4 Portrait0.3kgs255mm x 43mm x 87mm
BreezeA3 Portrait0.4kgs350mm x 50mm x 90mm
Mosquito800mm x 2000mm3.63kgs130mm x 950mm x 130mm
Mosquito850mm x 2000mm3.63kgs130mm x 950mm x 130mm
Mosquito1000mm x 2000mm4.55kgs130mm x 1100mm x 130mm
Mosquito1200mm x 2000mm6.26kgs130mm x 1280mm x 130mm
Mosquito1500mm x 2000mm7.58kgs130mm x 1580mm x 130mm
Barracuda800mm x 2130mm4.8kgs135mm x 955mm x 240mm
Barracuda1000mm x 2130mm5.5kgs 135mm x 1153mm x 240mm
Barracuda1200mm x 2130mm6.8kgs 135mm x 1350mm x 240mm
Barracuda1500mm x 2130mm8kgs135mm x 1650mm x 240mm

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