Modulate™ Curved 820

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Print Process : Dye Sublimation
Size: 800 (w) x 2000 (h) x 400mm (d)
Packing Dimensions: 1000mm x 245mm x 125mm / 6.8kgs
Warranty : 5 year hardware only
Lead Time : 3 – 5 working days standard, express service available

The curved Modulate™ frames add an extra dimension to the Modulate™ range because they let the user add a smooth curve to their exhibition stand. This 800mm wide by 2000mm high stand can be used as a connector between a large unit and two straight units to produce a U shaped exhibition stand.

The Modulate™ curved 820 comes with a double side printed graphic, so if it is being used in an S shaped stand the frame is completely concealed. This ensures maximum brand exposure, and allows the user to personalise their stand based on what they want to display the passers-by compared to customers on their stand.

Using the same tool-less assembly process as the formulate stretch frames, the Modulate™ frames are easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. The graphic slides over the top of the frame and has a zip at the bottom to provide extra tension.

The Modulate™ curved units can have iPad holders added on to the frame so they can function as a kiosk, as well as a graphic display. Or there is also the option of shelves, literature holders and even LED lights to make the display stand out.

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