Recycled Tablecloth – Bespoke Size

Unit Price: 30.00
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
Recycled Tablecloth Material

Print Process : Dye Sublimation
Sizes : Up to 3000mm wide
Weight : 110gsm, 220gsm
Lead Time : 3 – 5 working days standard, express service available
Commodity Code: 48183000

Printed tablecloths are full colour dye sublimation printed so they can be printed all over, from edge to edge, without any limitations on colour or designs. These tablecloths differ from your usual printed tablecloth because they are made using recycled polyester. Disposed consumer goods, eg single use plastic bottles, are melted down into chips, when is then spun as yarn. That yarn is knitted or woven into a roll of material which is dye sublimation printed in full colour, cut and sewn into a tablecloth.

There are a few notable benefits from using recycled polyester:

  • The plastic bottles etc that go into this material aren’t biodegradable and would have either been sent to landfill or end up in the Ocean, so it is giving them a second life as a tablecloth.
  • Using recycled polyester lowers the overall demand for virgin polyester which derives from fossil fuels
  • Every 1,000kg of recycled PET, 3,000kg of CO2 are saved. This corresponds to the average emission of a car for an entire year

Please note that due to the manufacturing process with recycled materials there may be small imperfections in the fabric. There can also be an inconsistency from batch to batch with the base colour which is unavoidable

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