In the build up to Christmas we are inundated with a lot of weird and wonderful enquiries. Some within the normal remit of what we do and some quite out there. But we always take the same approach with any difficult client brief : we stop, take a deep breath and work out out how to get to the end result. This has spawned quite a few products for us in the past, and here are the top ones we print at Christmas.

Selfie Frames

They once seemed like a fad, but there aren’t going anywhere! A party isn’t complete without a selfie frame, and that goes double for Christmas. Our ‘off-the-shelf’ (but very heavily bespoke!) option is to go for 5mm foamex. It’s light weight enough to hold up, cuts to shape very well and is sturdy enough to last in transit. But in the instance where you want to give out hundreds of them at a Christmas party, we recommend going for a foldable A2 selfie frame (available on quotation).

Wrapping Paper

Year in year out we always get asked for wrapping paper at Christmas, but this year we finally found the right material! It folds, creases and holds in place just as normal wrapping paper would but it can be branded in full colour with only a minimum of 1 square metre. We’ve seen it being used for corporate gifts (as actual wrapping paper) but also as an option for set dressing / branding corporate events.


2 years ago we kept getting asked for the impossible. A sticker which was easy to apply, sticks well on a wall, can be repositioned but then comes off easily. It seemed ridiculous until we started working with MacDot. This product was a miracle! It ticks every box and looks fantastic when its printed, which is why we’ve used it to decorate our office and factory with a festive theme – safe in the knowledge that come January 2nd we’ll quickly and easily peel away anything Christmas-y.


We are all about full colour dye sublimation, and our printed tablecloths are the best example of that. You get a full colour print from edge to edge of the tablecloth, there are no screen charges and they can be produced in 24hrs in our production facility in Slough, what more could you ask for? Tablecloths are just for exhibitions though, they can add a bit of colour to a Christmas party or be printed alongside foamex struts for a sign in desk.

These are just a few examples of what we’ve come up with to plug a gap in the market – by the end of December we’ll no doubt have a few more!