2018 was a good year for fabric. We moved a lot of clients over from the traditional exhibition units onto our fabric stretch frames because they’re an obvious choice: they’re cheaper, easier to transport, quicker to assemble and they are double side printed as standard.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Our next big step forward with fabric is our new frames: Modulate™.

Modulate™ frames operate in the same way as a formulate fabric display with a 30mm aluminium tubing frame and a full colour double sided stretch graphic that fits over the assembled frame. The key difference is that the Modulate™ frames have a magnetic locking system in left and right vertical tubes so they can connect onto other Modulate™ frames to make larger custom shape displays. The magnet is 360 degree as well so the multiple frames can be attached at different angles to make a display that fits within the end users space, and can close in or open up their display. The user can easily create U or S shaped displays that can be changed over the course of an exhibition or promotion without the expensive and time consuming build costs associated with custom displays.

There are 11 sizes and shapes in the range, with the option of using 400mm height extenders if you need to find a size in-between the existing units, or add extra height onto the 2.4m high units. For an extra level of personalisation there is the option of iPad holders in 3 colours, shelves in 3 shapes and literature holders in 3 sizes, as well as LED Flood and LED Strip lights. These additional fixings clip onto the frame over the top of the graphic to add an interactive component to the final display.

Have a look at the video below to show what they can do!